Arts Week @St James’ January 2020

It is my absolute pleasure to send you our introductory flyer for St. James’ Art Week. Not even a lock down has stopped us and with great support from our local community and schools I think we may be pulling off something quite special!
This flyer will give you a feel for the journey your children will take this week; with an aptly named Super Heroes focus; we hope that you all get involved and enjoy! 
Mrs Sutch, with support from Mrs Hughes has created a wonderful variety of events.  This includes everyone named on the flyer and support from Balcarras, Bournside and Dean Close, our very own parent artist Suzanne Campbell and the lovely Izzy Avery who has created a step-by-step superhero drawing video! Thank you to all of our supporters.
The art sessions are planned to ensure that you can use basic art equipment and of course anyone can participate.
Please send your work in to the teachers via TEAMs and post on our Fb page – we would love to see images of their art and them actually taking part in the events. Mrs Knight will be weaving images together for a virtual exhibition shortly.
We can’t wait to see what you create!