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PE Timetable Autumn Term 2021

Children will need to wear their PE kit on the following days-:
Year 1: Monday (Indoors) and Thursday (Outdoors with Move More)
Year 2: Tuesday (Outdoors with Glos. Cricket) and Thursday (Outdoor with Move More)
Year 3: Class 7 and 8 Tuesday (Outdoors with Move More) and Class 7 Monday (Indoors) and Class 8
Wednesday (Indoors)
Year 4: Monday (Indoors with Move More Gym Coach) and Friday (Outdoors with Glos. Tennis staring on
8th October)
Year 5
Class 11: Wednesday (Outdoors) and Friday (Indoors)
Class 12: Tuesday (Outdoors) and Wednesday (Indoors)
Year 6
Class 13: Tuesday (Indoors) and Monday (Outdoors with Cheltenham Town)
Class 14: Wednesday (Outdoors with Cheltenham Town) and Thursday (Indoors) 

Swimming for Years 3 to Year 6